Google Glass in Health Care POC

How can Google Glass contribute to health care? We started with a proof of concept where a wound care specialist was remotely coached by a doctor from a hospital.

This resulted in trial where patients where treated with and without Google Glass. The patients treated with Google Glass had a reduction of 70% in hospital visits. Making the project a huge success and proving the initial concept.

Design Research, Product Strategy


Hospital and care organization

In-store beacon solution POC

What if you could A/B-test your store setups as easy as testing a website?

This research project led to a full store implementation, pilot and project validation with over 60 beacons for analyzing hot and cold spots, visitor behavior overall store usage. The service makes A/B-testing in retail easy and enables full integration with existing apps creating endless possibilities for integrating off- and online.

2014 – 2015


Surgery process optimization

Total Body Control app

In 1 in 7.000 surgeries something is left behind in a body. This can be something small like a cotton, or something big like an instrument. The head of operations asked to use a design thinking approach to solve this problem from a fresh ‘out-of-the-box’ perspective.

This project resulted in a product strategy to reduce accidents on a short-term and completely exclude accidents on the long-term.

Design research, product strategy

2013 -2014

A hospital – that wants to remain unknown – in the Netherlands