👑 A Super Simple Explanation of Good Leadership & Management

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 at the beginning of this year. We have seen the leadership of different nations approach this immense challenge in their own ways. More then ever the effects of leadership is showing its results in the most dramatic manner. What is true for a country is the same for an organization […]

🧮 Metrics and Mindsets for Retention & Engagement

Great podcast with growth expert Andrew Chen, VC Jeff Jordan and editor Sonal Chokski talking about metrics for market places.  They explain the value of the DAU/MAU metric, which gives you in insight in the frequency in which your product is used. This can help explain the behavior of your users. Especially when you break […]

Tech in 2020: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Benedict Evans – partner at Andreessen Horowitz – released a new presentation with his insights for 2020. It’s a wealth of information and gives me so much energy and inspiration! You can download the deck here. Hereunder the six points that stood out for me.  😴New tech goes from stupid to exiting to boring (p3)Interesting to also […]

Best of September 2019

🌮Are cloud kitchens a new category?Much like cloud computing services, cloud kitchens have become a popular business model for food-delivery providers that want to serve up meals while avoiding the expense of traditional restaurants with their associated high real estate and service staff costs. And is Travis back? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-09-23/uber-ex-ceo-kalanick-grabs-slice-of-india-s-cloud-kitchen-arena 🧠1 $Billion for a mind reading mouse […]

Best of July 2019

🏔🤯No More Backlogs?! Sometimes it feels there is such an avalanche of feature requests coming to mobile, it will never be possible work your way through the backlog. This can feel quite overwhelming for everyone in our team. So this Interesting idea from Basecamp  – who’s CEO Jason Fried was tweeting last week how much he loved […]