🎁 WWDC June 2020, What’s interesting for Mobile?

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference was held on the 22 of June. This time it was a completely digital edition. You can watch the full keynote here: https://www.apple.com/apple-events/june-2020/

Things that stood out for me as relevant for the KLM mobile apps were: 

🚢 IOS 14 
Apple will release a new operating system – iOS 14. It will be released in the beginning of September 2020. And will incorporate a number of improvements: 

📍 Improved Privacy Information & Settings 
Your iPhone will let you know if the microphone or camera is in use with a little icon at the top of the screen. Furthermore, you’ll be able to share your precise location or your approximate location – super important for LBS team and Lounge QMS. And as a developer you have to be even more clear about which data your use, what you are using it for and who you are sharing this data with. This summary has to be shared in the App store. 

📚 App library 
The large amount of apps that people use can also make it hard to find certain apps. Apple’s first solution was to create folders – so users could create their own categories of apps. With the new App library your iPhone will organize the folders itself based on your personal behavior. Interesting to see how Apple attacks and tries to remove all friction from using their product. Even a little boring task like organizing your own apps. Maybe on the day of travel – our app can become more relevant and will move to the top of the suggested apps.

🏠 Widgets on the home screen 
Through this new feature you can show certain data – from your app – on the home screen of your phone. This way you don’t have to navigate to a certain app every time. But just have look at your home screen. This could be great for Flight status information and gate and terminal information. Or maybe you always want to see how many XP points you have on your home screen haha. 

📎 Apple Clips
This might be the most interesting new feature for mobile. This is like a mini-version of your app with a maximum size of 10MB and is so small it can be downloaded on demand. App clips can be launched via a visual code (sort of QR code) or NFC. Let’s say you are checking in at the desk. Instead of printing the boarding pass – you scan the visual code and the Apple Clip is downloaded with your flight information. This would improve our usage among also our non-frequent flyers and could be a gate-way in to downloading our full app!