There is a YouTube Obsession for Everyone! The Amazing Tale of the $50 Jetski! 

When people talk about gaming – I feel very out of touch. And when I hear about YouTube celebrities like PewDiePie making millions playing games while talking about gaming I feel very old – and poor haha! 

Recently, I discovered this whole genre of guys buying and restoring boats and cars on YouTube! Now I find myself spending hours watching handy rednecks in Florida buying and restoring dilapidated speedboats and fixing up totaled Ferrari’s. I thought I was the only weirdo watching this stuff. 

The other day I found out that my colleague Rene Matla and I had both spent half an hour watching two guys repairing a jetski  – on the other side of the world – that they had bought for $50. And they got it working again! Woooo what a ride so exiting! And that were are actually 12.000 other people watching this video.

So it’s not the kids these days, being lazy or an uninspired generation. Watching someone else playing their video game and learning from it, relates to their world just as much as Rene and I watch JetSki repair video’s – which is just as random and useless –  I even never had JetSki!. But it relates to my world of boats and some kind of macho ambition where you can fix you own stuff. 

This thought me two lessons. First; The kids these days are not extremely lazy couch potatoes, too lazy to even play their own video games. But video games relate as much to their world as restoring old boats does to mine. Furthermore it again confirms the rule of Futurist Kevin Kelly – who states that every successful product or platform will break off into different parts catering to ever increasing smaller niches. So maybe Rene and I should start a YouTube channel where you can see us watching dudes repairing Jetski’s!