Best of May 2019

😴💰 Pokemon Go Is Coming For Your Sleep!
 This week the Pokemon Company announced a new app that will “turn sleeping into entertainment”. Pokemon Go earned 2.45 Billion Dollar in revenue and encouraged people to go outside and hunt for Pokemons. Pokemon Sleep will reward players who will get enough sleep and will try to turn sleep into entertainment. Pokemon Sleep will come with a small device that you have to put inside your bed which will collect the data about your sleeping habits.I’m super curious to see how they will turn sleep and our sleep data into another behavior changing and billion dollar business! 

😡✈️ There Are Two Types of Airport People (Why some people love the stress) Interesting analysis in the Atlantic on why certain travellers seem to enjoy the stress of barely making their flight. Apparently everyone finds flying stressful -check out this article on why – . And people have 2 ways of dealing with this. The early arrivers deal with their stress by preparing, arriving early and being efficient. But apparently the people who like to come late deal with stress by creating a form of stress, which gets them in a state of excitement. 

“They distract and procrastinate, and next thing you know, they can’t do what they need to do to get there on time,” Gerkin said. “It’s not quite self-harm, but it’s in the same arena. It changes your feeling state and gets you out of that place that’s uncomfortable and into this place of excitement.” 

📱🧠Product Management Mental Models for Everyone
I think we don’t talk enough about product management at KLM. We spend a lot of time on our development processes. And a lot of time figuring our how to build the next feature. But why are we building what we are building is  – imho – get’s the least attention.
And I think this is actually the most interesting part of product management. Just figuring out with what feature or improvement you’ll great the most value. And how to allocate your limited resources to this feature. This article explores a number of mental models that give a great perspective on different parts of product management.