Best of February 2019

🤓🤖 AR Will Spark the Next Big Tech Platform  – Call it Mirrorworld 
If you think the internet is done. And there are no opportunities anymore. Please read this mind-boggling vision on the possible impact of Augmented Reality.
Kevin Kelly states that in the future everything in the world – from objects to streets and the world itself – will have a virtual counterpart. He calls this the mirrorworld.

On top of this, all objects will be fitted with sensors and camera’s. This means that all objects can recognize and “see” each other and can be positioned in the world. Objects will constantly update their image of the world around them and will send this data to other smart objects or robots. 

“Watches will detect chairs; chairs will detect spreadsheets; glasses will detect watches, even under a sleeve; tablets will see the inside of a turbine; turbines will see workers around them” .

🖥 🔪 The Trauma Floor, The secret Live of Facebook moderators in America 
Imagine a social media company so big, that you need 15.000 content reviewers in 20 sites around the world, to 24/7 review all posted content, in an attempt to remove porn, violence, fake news and other content violating FB’s community standards. This article from Casey Newton gives a first glance in the bizarre world of content moderation of the worlds biggest social media platform. 

What stands out most for me in the article, is the impact on the mental health of the content moderators. It is widely known that normal users of social media can experience, fear of missing out, un-satisfaction with their own lives and anxieties. Social media is a bit like potato chips. The first couple of bites taste great. But after a whole bag, you feel very dirty inside.

Anyway, also the moderators – who view around 400 posts a day – started to believe things like the Earth is actually flat and the denial of the Holocaust – often referred to as the Holohoax. Some moderators started even experiencing symptoms of ’secondary traumatic stress disorder.  

This article gives some good insight in one of the aspects of social media we never really read or think about.

⌚️Nubia’s new wearable puts a 4-inch (10 cm) flexible smartphone on your wrist
Interesting to see how form factors from laptops, tables and smartphones seem to merge. I can find myself sometimes pinching my laptop screen or wishing I could pinch and zoom while reading a paper magazine. But now also the domain of smartwatches and smartphones seems to be merging.

Nubia just released a foldable screen of 10cm that wraps around your wrist. Apple just filed a patent for a foldable iPhone. And also Motorola confirms that their foldable smartphone is coming. 

This tweet of Benedict Evans on this subject makes a lot of sense to me:

“I’m not sure if folding phones will be a thing. I am pretty sure that screens that don’t have to be a flat rectangle, but can be any shape and molded over a curved surface, will be part of general product design”.