Best of January 2019

 🧟‍♂️🤖The Digital Maginot line
One of the most thorough articles about our current world of disinformation campaigns, state employed cyber warriors, amateur guerrillas and sponsored trolls. Renee DiResta argues how media platforms and governments should change their approach in trying to react to this. 

The most interesting point that DiResta makes, is that contrary to a normal war where the objective is the physical territory. In the “Warm War” that is currently fought, the territory is the human mind. “Once a combatant wins over a sufficient number of minds, they have the power to influence culture and society, policy and politics. Think about this next time your uncle is sharing some Deep state theories on the family What’s App. 

In this time of Wikileaks, Brexit, Click farms and viral propaganda being spread with almost no cost, an important article to read!

🌎🌈2019 predictions of Scott Galloway
What I like about Scott Galloway is his holistic view on business. He combines technology trends with product and marketing and a strong insight in financial markets, while most experts view the world from their single perspective. His prediction for the new year always make me think a little harder. The ones that I like the best are:

Strange bedfellows A bevy of consumer and tech firms enter into strategic alliances and partnerships with only one objective: Push back on Amazon.

The rundle The consumer world begins to distill to a small number of mega brands or networks that are recurring revenue bundles (“rundle“). Business has mistaken “choice” as a good thing. Consumers want less choice, but instead confidence in the (fewer) choices presented to them.

Every digital media firm other than Facebook, Google, and Amazon Media Group loses share Lots of great firms (Refinery29, Buzzfeed) begin to show signs of asphyxiation as the oxygen continues to be sucked out of the room.

Read the rest here!

💩💰The internet of Shit? Or too early brilliance? An impression of CES
What I love about working in technology, it that no one knows exactly what the future will bring, and what products or business will be successful. I remember myself thinking that camera’s on Phones where the most useless thing ever. And walking around with Google Glasses thinking this was going to be the next big thing after mobile. 

Check out this twitter thread with fairly far out, companies and ideas from the last CES this January. My personal favorite is the Cyber Fishing, Smart Toilet 2.0 and the Water 2.0.