Best of May 2018

✈️ A Life Time Unlimited Travel Ticket? AA tried and bled hard for it. Interesting story in The Hustle on how American Airlines in the eighties introduced an unlimited first class ticket for life. The problem was, it was such a good deal, it ended up costing AA millions of dollars per year.

💰The Wealthy Are Hoarding $10 Billion of Bitcoin in Bunkers
There an old saying in start-up land; ‘don’t hunt for gold. Sell pick-axes’ (it’s actually a quote of Mark Twain)In other words. Don’t try to come up with the best end-consumer product, because the chances of hitting the jack-pot are very slim. But build the tools, instruments and other enablers for others to hunt for gold. They pay for the dream, you make the cash. This story in Bloomberg about the worlds physical biggest Bitcoin vault, is a great example on selling a “pick-axe” product in the Bitcoin goldrush.

❤️Location based dating now available in Tinder! 
Mapping and location technologies are a core enabler for many technologies and products.  It’s motivating to see that also Tinder introduces a new feature that helps people find their matches based on favorite places that they like to visit. Don’t know if they stole this feature from the European location based dating app Happen. But It’s amazing how Tinder keeps innovating and staying relevant – especially knowing that they are not a start-up but part of a bigger regular corporation. Also follow their director of product on Twitter, a wealth of Product insights.