Best of June 2018

💡How purpose can make everything – even a doorbell company – super exiting. 
A smart doorbell, which shows you on your phone who’s on your doorstep. Can you come up with a more boring product? The story of Ring – recently acquired by Amazon for 1 billion dollar –  shows, how a good mission can elevate a product and create excitement. Ring is not a doorbell company. Ring is in the business of reducing crime in communities!

📈 Mary Meeker’s 2018 internet trends report: All the slides, plus analysis
The yearly trend report of Mary Meeker is an absolute goldmine of information and data. In this article you can find the summary, but please take the time to browse through her slidedeck. No bullshit bingo or let’s jump on the next blockchain, crypto of whatever fad, just clean crisp data driven insights.

🍏 Apple wants it’s phone’s back (and I want my brain back!)
For quite some years I haven’t had e-mail or Facebook on my phone. Recently I also had to remove Instagram. I was just wasting too much time looking at other peoples lives. It keeps you from good thinking and losing yourself in your task at hand.

Super happy that Apple is finally – after 10 years – is going to help their customers to be less addicted to their phones. in iOS 12 – to be released in September – , there will be a comprehensive set of tools to limit distraction! A cynic might say; advertising wil more and more become a tax on the poor. But i’m very happy with this first step. Maybe I can even get back on Insta 😉!