Best of July 2018

⚽️ How Location Tracking is Changing Tootball 
Many sports teams are outfitting their players with a device that tracks their GPS position. This enables them to analyse the workload of players. This gives them insight in the actual fitness and risk of injury of their players. Realtime but also for future games. This World Cup it was allowed – for the first time – to transmit realtime player data and have the analyst advice the coaches on the field. Translate players to passengers and coaches to gate agents, and you’ll see the link between LBS and the Football field. We’re almost there!

👨‍🌾 Overcoming Class Cluelessness 
Innovation starts with understanding change. So most of my reading and postcasts habits revolve around Trump these days. This podcast is the first source that gives me an understandable explanation for the rise of Trump. Or better said the clashes betweens different “classes” which results in “Black Pete discussions, Brexit and the rise of populism everywhere. In summery, take care of your struggling middleclass and don’t treat their values and believes (discipline, hard work) as backward.

📻 What Cracking Open a Sonos Ones Tells us About the Sonos IPO
In this article the writer opens up a Sonos speaker – which is a traditional speaker producer, gone digital. And an Amazon Echo – is this a speaker or a direct line to a shop? Based on looking at the hardware and costs he distills the strategic direction of both companies. The pockets of Amazon are so deep. It’s becoming scary.