Best of January 2018

Why GE Digital Failed
Excellent breakdown of why General Electric (Market cap 146B) failed to achieve their ambition to become the software platform for the Industrial Internet. Despite their excellent starting point – in the middle of the industrial sector- having many internal customers to start with and having deep pockets. Their biggest mistake, was trying to change a whole business all at once. 
“Trying to boil the ocean, especially within such a large organization is a prescription for failure. Digital transformation starts with one industry, and one business unit, executes ruthlessly gets traction and uses that momentum to spread to other divisions”. Focus is the key.

💸 Net Promoter Score Considered Harmful (and What UX Professionals Can Do About It)
Interesting article about the flawed reasoning behind NPS scores. And a couple of good suggestions of (less flattering) but more insightfull metrics.Have we been helpful today? Did we make you happy? How delighted or frustrated were you today?

🚗 Can driverless cars mean the end of AirBnB and the hotel industry? (And Airlines??)
Fascinating article about the possible impact of self-driving cars. Or better said, multifunctional, connected boxes on wheels.This development could have a fundamental impact on short and medium Airport travel too. According to this article, this is already happening in 2025. Thats’s only a couple of years away. Exiting.