Best of February 2018

🚴🏻‍♂️ Oops, running app Strava  – LBS data – is a goldmine for ISIS. 
Fitness App Strava – mostly used by runners and bikers, to track and compare progress with other athletes – was confronted with the unintended value of their location data. In a new map, released in November last year every route ever uploaded into Strava was visualized. However, also soldiers on secret army bases worldwide had been using the Strava app to work out. The aggregated exercise patterns of the soldiers tracked by GPS, are clearly visible on the map! And gave away extremely sensitive information on secret army bases worldwide. Oops!
Check out this nuclear marine base in the UK;

🤖 UPS can’t use drones and driverless vehicles, if it’s up to the American (Teamster) Labour union. 
I find it interesting that a Labour union sees the commercial potential and impact of drones when it comes to the delivery of packages. And the impact it will have on their members jobs. That might make it even more remarkable, that they want to protect their members, by trying to ban UPS from using this technology.
While all along their more savvy – less scared – competitors might thrive and expand on it. A difficult dilemma a lot of employees and companies will face the coming years.

✈️ Google Flights already knows your flight is delayed 
It amazed me to read that Google Flight is generating more revenue then Priceline and Tripadvisor combined ( $12 billion). (KLM did 9.8 billion Euro in 2016) How do they make this money? They don’t lift luggage in the cold, they don’t try to calm down angry passengers and they are not certainly not maintaining airplanes.
They make their billions, by giving excellent flight information and showing travel ads next to it. 🙄🙄To more things even worse, they announced that they will start using AI, historical travel delay data and 3rd party aggregators to label delayed flights, faster then the Airlines can do themselves. Are they making easy money on the back of Airlines? Or should Airlines do a better job providing aggregated flight data to their customers?