Best of August 2018

⚠️How shipping company Mearsk lost $300.000.000 by a rogue virus 
On June 27th of 2017, a shipping company the size of AFKL, was in a matter or hours completely shut off of all IT systems due to a virus called NotPeya. It took them 10 days – 4000 servers and 45.000 pc’s to rebuild the entire network. Fun fact – a power blackout in Ghana accidentally took their local server offline. Due to this stroke of luck, the server in Ghana was offline and couldn’t be infected. This is were they salvaged the single remaining crucial back-up. This story in Wired describes how a probably Russian virus targeted at the Ukraine, got loose and caused an estimated 10 billion of damage in companies around the world. A nightmare for every organisation.

👂Amazon Echo, only 2% of all users, have tried a purchase
What I love about product development and the technology world, is that no one can truly predict succes. This holds even for the big players like Amazon. 3 weeks ago it was leaked that Amazon sold 50 million Echo’s (Smart Speakers). But only 2% of the households, used it to make a purchase – which is of-course the strategic goal of Amazon – . and 90% didn’t even make a repeat purchase. Voice will become a powerful new interface, but what the killer use case will be, remains to be seen.

🦄 Are these the Unicorns (value of 1 billion) of the future? 
Y-Combinator is the most competitive startup accelerator. Thousands of teams apply, and less than 1% gets in. Product Hunt made a list of the most interesting start-ups in which Y-combinator invested this summer. Weirdly enough I’m always a bit disappointed by the ideas: test your tattoos with AR, Location based advertisements in your Ubers’ window? At the same time, did anyone predict a weird website like Facemash would turn into an behemoth that could influence the outcome of elections? Nevertheless, it’s always good to keep an eye on what the start-ups are working on and what is being invested in.