Best of March 2018

🇨🇳 🧠The Emerging Tech Trends For 2018 (aka Amy Webb blew my Brain!) 
One of the best keynotes of SXSW this year, was given by Futurist Amy Webb from the Future Today Institute. Her full report premiered a few weeks ago. This are the key findings: 

1: 2018 marks the beginning of the end of smartphones
2: Pay close attention to China 
3: The AI ecosystem flooded with capital, hungry for commercial applications and yet polluted with misplaced optimism and fear – will continue to swell
4: Policy makers won’t be prepared to deal with new challenges that arise from emerging science and technology 
5: In 2018 a critical mass of emerging technologies will converge
6: Decentralization is the key theme for 2018

Summery here:
Full Report here:

🚕 After a fatal accident, Uber puts the breaks on testing driverless cars. 
One of the biggest emerging markets is driverless car hailing. Image the market for taxi’s, a large part of public transport and a large part of privately owned cars, being taking over by abundant driverless cars. The value will be in the trillions. It is expected that by the end of 2019 driverless cars are 200% safer than human driven cars.

But the road to breakthrough innovation is a bumpy one. Last week the first person ever was killed by one of Ubers’ autonomous vehicles, and Uber had to get their cars of the road. This race by the tech giants is so exiting. Side note; Location and mapping products are one of the crucial enabling components of this race.