Best of April 2018

Great tweet of @BenedictEvans , I love his high level views on the tech industry. “Apple will make smart glasses, cars, contact lenses and neural implants. Google will make search, discovery and recommendation 10x better. Amazon will do 5 minute drone delivery and take half your retail spending. What about FB, though? They ‘connected’ half the world. What next?”

Amazon will now deliver packages to the trunk of your car! 
Today I ordered a years’ worth of dental floss on Bol – yes, I like my dental health – but the main problem is that I keep forgetting to buy floss. And that I don’l like shopping. Did you ever imagine 10 years ago to order mundane products like floss on a website and have it delivered to your home?! Amazon is relentless in pursuing frictionless delivery in every way possible. How imaginative is this new setup, where Amazon will deliver a package to the trunk of your car.
Would KLM be able to deliver my suitcase to my car, so that I  – or crew – don’t have to lug it around the Airport?

Four fundamentals of workplace automation (McKinsey) 
Good overview on how automation will impact the workplace. It’s not so much that complete occupations will diminish, but that – depending on your job – there is a percentage of automation that will take place. This holds not only for low-skilled or payed work. 20% of a CEO’s working time could already be automated using current technologies.