Best of May 2018

✈️ A Life Time Unlimited Travel Ticket? AA tried and bled hard for it. Interesting story in The Hustle on how American Airlines in the eighties introduced an unlimited first class ticket for life. The problem was, it was such a good deal, it ended up costing AA millions of dollars per year. 💰The Wealthy Are […]

Best of April 2018

Great tweet of @BenedictEvans , I love his high level views on the tech industry. “Apple will make smart glasses, cars, contact lenses and neural implants. Google will make search, discovery and recommendation 10x better. Amazon will do 5 minute drone delivery and take half your retail spending. What about FB, though? They ‘connected’ half the […]

Best of March 2018

The Emerging Tech Trends For 2018 (aka Amy Webb blew my Brain!) One of the best keynotes of SXSW this year, was given by Futurist Amy Webb from the Future Today Institute. Her full report premiered a few weeks ago. This are the key findings: 1: 2018 marks the beginning of the end of smartphones2: Pay close […]

Best of February 2018

Oops, running app Strava  – LBS data – is a goldmine for ISIS. Fitness App Strava – mostly used by runners and bikers, to track and compare progress with other athletes – was confronted with the unintended value of their location data. In a new map, released in November last year every route ever uploaded into […]

Best of January 2018

Why GE Digital FailedExcellent breakdown of why General Electric (Market cap 146B) failed to achieve their ambition to become the software platform for the Industrial Internet. Despite their excellent starting point – in the middle of the industrial sector- having many internal customers to start with and having deep pockets. Their biggest mistake, was trying […]

Smart Worker Platform

Factories are on the fronteer of the internet of things. With the Smart Worker Platform we set out to build a mobile app for industrial environments. And give employees insight in the status of machines, assets and processes. ROLE(S)Design Research, Product Strategy.  

Schiphol Valet Parking

Schiphol Valet Parking is a mobile service that helps valet personnel with the registration of car damages, vehicle usage and planning. It brings full transparency to the process of Valet Parking. In the first year after the release over 40.000 cars were parked. The use of the service resulted in a reduction of 50% in […]

Hago Next – cleaning services

The @lly app is the worlds first mobile cleaning kit. It helps cleaning personnel during their working day. It gives them autonomy and self control and reduces management and improves quality. @lly redefined the Dutch cleaning market. Resulting in a ground-breaking cleaning company, Hago Next. The mobile service is being used over a 1.000.000 hours […]

Google Glass in Health Care POC

How can Google Glass contribute to health care? We started with a proof of concept where a wound care specialist was remotely coached by a doctor from a hospital. This resulted in trial where patients where treated with and without Google Glass. The patients treated with Google Glass had a reduction of 70% in hospital […]