Best of January 2018

Why GE Digital FailedExcellent breakdown of why General Electric (Market cap 146B) failed to achieve their ambition to become the software platform for the Industrial Internet. Despite their excellent starting point – in the middle of the industrial sector- having many internal customers to start with and having deep pockets. Their biggest mistake, was trying […]

Smart Worker Platform

Factories are on the fronteer of the internet of things. They are extremely connected. Wit the Smart Worker Platform we set out to build a companion app for the factory. Giving field workers super powers. We’re currently in a private beta with Vitens at Europe’s largest water pump facility. Field workers use smartphones and Google […]

Schiphol Valet Parking

Schiphol Valet Parking is a mobile service that helps valet personnel with the registration of car damages, vehicle usage and planing. It brings full transparency to the process of Valet Parking. In the first year after the release over 40.000 cars were parked. The use of the service resulted in a reduction of 50% in […]

Hago Zorg

Hago Zorg is a mobile platform that gives hospitals real-time insight in the hygenic status of a bed. It’s an extention to the cleaning services they provide. Better service by better insights. Over 80.000 hospital beds are cleaned in a large hospital every year. Hospitals need insights for quality control and safety. Hago Zorg extended […]

Hago Next

@lly is the worlds first mobile cleaning kit. It helps cleaning personnel during their working day. Enabling autonomy and self control. Reducing management and improving quality. @lly redefined the Dutch cleaning market. Resulting in a ground-breaking cleaning company, Hago Next. The service added transparancy to a very closed industry. The mobile service is being used […]

Google Glass in Health Care

How can Google Glass contribute to health care? Every new tool brings new possibilities if you can find the right fit the upside can be huge. We set out to transform wound care.We started with a proof of concept where we started remotely coached a wound care specialist by a doctor from a hospital. This […]

In-store beacon solution

What if you could A/B-test your store setups as easy as testing a website? This is what set of a research into beacon technology and it’s value for retail. Current market solutions are either expensive to implement at scale, aren’t suitable for all type of stores and don’t use opt-in methods. The research traject led […]

Total Body Control

In 1 in 7.000 operations something is left behind in a body. This can be something small like a cotton, or something big like an instrument. The head of operations asked to use a design thinking approach to solve this problem from a fresh ‘out-of-the-box’ perspective. In 1 in 7.000 operations something is left behind […]